Casa Del Agua


ABOUT “CASA DEL AGUA” – Mission of HOPE and Understanding

More than 18 million Americans struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. This way of life affects millions more than just the addicted; their family, friends, employers, and total strangers. The film’s primary goal is to carry a strong message, from experience, of strength and hope. We hope to shed some light on the reasons for the depraved feelings, and the self loathing, that causes a person to eventually self destruct…many times for no discernible explanation.

A Screenplay by Eddie Bauer Jr, with Special Thanks for contributions from Norman Fitts, George Tirl, and Keith Russell.

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Movie Script Awards:  2012 Gold Remi – WorldFest, 2012 Bare Bones Film & Music Film Festival, 2012 Surge Official Selection, and 2012 Trinity Film Festival Award.


After another seemingly routine trip to his beach house, “Casa Del Agua,” to detox after another binge of alcohol and drugs, Eddie receives a phone call, on his 2nd day of recovery, from the family attorney to let him know his wife has filed for divorce. With a restraining order in place, he cannot go home or see his kids. His trust fund is cut off and he has to vacate the beach house in 5 days or be escorted off. Left with no money in his pockets and with nowhere to go, and no transportation, as Don, their family driver, had driven him to the house, he tries to hold himself together over the next several days. He turns to running with his buddies to shake the tremors of the detox and stop the nightmares that plague his sleep. He struggles as he tries not to slip into what may be his last binge.

But was this whole thing a Hoax?

And will he learn the truth only after it is too late?

Oscar Nominated Writer and Director George Tirl Comes out of retirement to work on the rewrite, polish, and direct the biographical screenplay written by Eddie Bauer Jr.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Katy, Texas, United States of America ( January 15, 2012 — BREAKING NEWS
george-tirlOscar Nominated Director/Writer George Tirl and Eddie Bauer Jr Entertainment LLP have reached an agreement for George and Eddie to each have co writer credits and be Partners in the Finance and Production of the Bio Screenplay “Casa Del Agua”, written by Eddie Bauer Jr. George will work with Eddie on the rewrite and polish of the script as well as Direct while Eddie will co-direct.Earlier this month after reading the Screenplay George decided to come out of semi-retirement to work on the project in a letter to Eddie and his Manager, “I enjoyed our phone conversation and decided to get involved with your worthwhile project. I accept your offer to direct your picture. I would also like to help with the script polish/rewrite.”

In an interview George went on to say, “I’ve known of the quality of his family for a long time and just met Eddie, but after talking to him for a short time, I realized the apple didn’t fall far from the tree and I like the 50/50 partnership bundled with shared responsibilities, pains and joys. Most of all though, we want to make a very memorable film.”

Eddie only had this to say, “We have been looking for a director or a while now and I can’t even begin to describe the feeling of gratitude and pride that George liked my screenplay enough to come on board without any hesitation or reservation. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank everyone involved because there is no way I could pull this off alone, I claim to have done nothing by myself, something much bigger than me is going on here.”

While they are looking for financing for the film which has an estimated budget of 7-10 million dollars and tentatively scheduled for release in 2013, as they work on the script Eddie and George both have expressed no concern in that department with Mr Tirl stating, “This Film is going to touch lives and The One behind all this will provide. I often compare stories to cannon shells. Some are small and give just a little bang and others are big with a lots of gun powder. We got the latter.”

*George Tirl was nominated for an Oscar in 1976 for his Cinematography on the film Metamorphosis. France pulled out that year for political reason and George was taken off the ballot.

*‘Casa Del Agua’ is an Offical Selection this year in the SURGE film festival that runs with SXSW film fest and is also currently a semi-finalist in the Kairos Prize for Spiritually Uplifting Screenplays.

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